Kara Mahon –A Diversity of Career Options with a CPA Credential

Kara Mahon shares that there is a variety of opportunity available in the accounting profession.  Even the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) cannot stress enough how rewarding it is for aspiring accountants to become certified. Every prospective student should research the AICPA site for a wealth of knowledge that it gives to those looking into careers as CPA’s.

Kara Mahon shares that there is variation in career options available when looking into a CPA credential and with this credential many doors can open wide to a variety of options in accounting which may include areas:

  • Assurance Services — Think of a strong growth area in the economy and you will find a need for Assurance Services. Electronic commerce, risk management, elder care are just a few areas where CPAs use their analytical and information processing skills to ensure and improve the quality of information for decision makers in the current business of today.
  • Information Technology Services – This area seems to be booming with growth in information technology which has created numerous job opportunities for accounting professionals with strong computer skills who can design and implement advanced systems to meet an organization’s needs for both current and future projects.
  • Environmental Accounting With so much talk about the current environment and concerns and issues and as businesses take a greater interest in the environment, CPAs now are getting more involved in everything from performing environmental compliance audits, to handling claims and disputes, to setting up preventative systems to ensure compliance and to avoid future claims and disputes.
  • Forensic Accounting — Forensic accountants look “beyond the surface of accounting records” to determine if fraud has been committed and search for evidence of criminal conduct. As such, forensic accountants also often assist legal professionals in the litigation process this area too has been an area of growth in today’s current economy.
  • International Accounting — As the world has become more global, cross-border transactions have become more common place. This has created a need for accountants possessing a knowledge and understanding of international trade rules, government regulations and tax laws. This area also offers plenty oversea options as many companies and corporations are located locally with international locations “as well”.
  • Consulting Services — CPAs are engaged by individuals, businesses, financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies to provide objective advice and technical assistance on a variety of business and financial situations and areas of teaching and mentoring are also available as a CPA.
  • Tax and Financial Planning — CPAs offer assistance to individuals, companies and organizations in identifying financial objectives and counseling them on the risk, liquidity and management and tax characteristics of investments.  As laws and regulations continue to evolve so do areas in finance.  As tax and financial planning specialists, CPAs are involved in everything from preparing tax returns, to helping restructure a multinational corporation’s investment portfolio, to minimize its tax liability.

Kara Mahon suggests some of the other positions held by CPAs include financial analysts, FBI special agents, security sale representatives and revenue agents

Kara Mahon states “it’s the gold star on the resume,” she says, mainly because certified public accountants must take courses each year to maintain their certification, which is able to employers. “It’s an invaluable credential, and you get a 10 to 15 percent higher salary.” Aside, from the salary information many different job opportunities are available for those with a CPA degree.

Kara Mahon is a Certified Public Accountant, and an accounting Professor at the Piedmont Technical College teaches courses in accounting and the importance of a career and future as a CPA.

Kara Mahon, Professor, CPA -How a CPA Credential Benefits You

Kara Mahon, —while she is now an accounting professor at Piedmont Technical College, and formerly a Vice President of Finance and Compensation shares the importance of a CPA credential in today’s business world is essential.  Kara Mahon’s history as an accounting manager throughout the South Carolina area and instructor knows that becoming a CPA is not easy.

Kara shares some people don’t have hundreds of hours to pour into studying because of family life, work, or other reasons. Others simply seem have intellectual strengths in other areas. It’s not for everyone.  If becoming a CPA is in your future, you are “in luck” it can unlock a lot of doors for you in the world of business and finance.

The financial benefits for a CPA are clear. CPAs often get more money for the same job than if they did not hold the license, and it routinely enables them to secure jobs they would not be able to get without it.

Kara Mahon mentions that according to the AICPA, CPAs earn 10-15% more than non-CPAs working in accounting-related jobs. Other studies have shown the gap as high as 41% between the certified and un-certified. “For younger job applicants in particular, meeting the requirements to become a CPA represents discipline and initiative.  Regardless of what area of accounting you go into, the CPA title will, above all other designations, separate you from the rest of the field.

If you work in public accounting, you will undoubtedly get preferential treatment for being a CPA. Many titles and levels in your firm will be unattainable without it, and as a result, your earnings will have much lower ceiling shares Kara Mahon.


Kara Mahon Shares Tips for Landing an Accounting Job

Kara Mahon shares being on top of your game is important when it comes to finding a job.  Kara Mahon works in higher education as a Certified Public Accountant and is a prominent member of the faculty at Piedmont Technical College.  Kara Mahon enjoys teaching and spending her quality time volunteering in her community.  Kara share’s once you have your degree and ready to start a out into the job market you may need some tips to keep you on track.

Kara mentions some tips for landing an accounting job.  First, she suggests specializing in a specific type of accounting, like forensic or managerial, as an example which can lead to consulting or other opportunities.   Second, take a look at your current resume’ and has it recently been updated?  If not you may want to make updates and some of your recent achievements.

Kara Mahon also recommends the importance of networking, saying “The more you can get involved in the accounting community, the better chances you are to get that phone call.”  Lastly, Kara Mahon strongly recommends taking some time to explore before an interview.  “My number-one recommendation for applicants is to brush up on your basic accounting skills,” she says.  “Interviewers want to know that you still have that foundation.”

Kara Mahon knows the importance of college to the future of students, which is why she spends her time volunteering at local schools sharing her knowledge and encouraging students to better themselves through education and helping those out there exploring the job market.

Kara Mahon Talks About Sought after Careers

Kara Mahon has a position as an educator at Piedmont Technical College talks about today’s sought after careers.   She takes her job seriously and works to be a role model for others, which is why she has created a list of the top careers that individuals can expect with an accounting degree.   Accounting is the process of communicating financial information to others.

Kara Mahon shares accounting today is called “the language of business”.  Accounting is the vehicle for reporting financial information about a business entity to many different groups of people.  An accounting profession is one that gives you the freedom to grow and move up in an organization.  “As you gain experience and expand your knowledge base your opportunity for advancement is greater”, Careers in accounting are highly sought after because of opportunities to move up quickly. After you receive your accounting degree, your domain is subject to many professional opportunities.  All types of businesses need on some level or another as an accounting expert.

  1. International Accountant- This is a highly sought after a career for those that want to travel.  It is necessary to experience international business standards, but a basic bachelor’s in accounting, and sometimes fluency in a foreign language, is all that is required for this exotic career.
  2. Forensic Accountant- Becoming a forensic accountant is a lot like being a detective, and with your degree it is possible to solve crimes and work toward assisting law enforcement. This is a career that is always evolving and gives absolutely back to society.
  3. IRS Special Agent- These individuals are responsible for investigating tax related crimes. This is an exciting career that is more like detective work than calculating a person’s taxes.
  4. Comptroller- As a comptroller, this is the person that is responsible for documenting the financial activity of a company’s daily operations. This is the person that holds the purse strings for an organization and determines keeping operations within a budget.
  5. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – This is an exciting position within a company and these individuals are the ones that are created the financial budgets that a company must adhere to. This is the highest rank an accountant can fill, financially, within a company, and is one that many individuals are aspiring for.

Kara Mahon is an accounting professor at the Piedmont Technical College, and prides herself at being one of the most formidable accounting lecturers in her area.  Kara Mahon strives to be on the leading-edge of the latest information, a trait that is necessary for a teacher.  By taking advanced workshops, Kara Mahon is able to advise her students, and make them ready for real world situations.

Kara Mahon, Accounting Professor Receiving Great Reviews From Her Students

Kara Mahon, Accounting Professor at Piedmont Technical College receiving great reviews from her student’s.  Every semester millions of college students flock to the website “Rate My Professor”, in order to see what professors teach the best classes.  At the end of every semester those students return and report on their experiences with the professors they had that semester.

Kara Mahon mentions that the website is free and keeps records public and anonymous, so students are able to post their actual opinions, without fear of backlash from faculty.  Of course there are always small minorities of students who are angry over grades and leave harsh criticisms, but for Kara Mahon, that is not a problem.

One look at Kara Mahon on “Rate My Professor” shows glowing reviews across the board. A perfect score in Clarity and Helpfulness, equate to a perfect score in the overall quality category.

Kara Mahon is an Accounting professor at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina. Her dedication to the classroom is not only evident in her work ethic, but also shows through her student’s anecdotes, as well.  Kara Mahon is passionate with her career and really enjoys teaching her students giving them the skills they need to attain their majors is so important.


Kara Mahon Accounting Professor Explains the Benefits of a Degree in Accounting

Kara Mahon accounting professor explains the benefits of a degree in accounting.  Kara Mahon is often asked, “Why major in accounting?”  Her answer is simple: not only will such a degree provide many job opportunities in an always in-demand field, but students who are educated and aware of how the financial system works are more than likely going to have successful financial futures.

With an accounting degree students are administered the education needed to succeed at just about any business-related job available.  Kara Mahon states that having an accounting degree opens many doors to careers like no other degree could.  Mahon would know, —while she is now an accounting professor at Piedmont Technical College, previously she was a Vice President of Finance and Compensation, and has been an accounting manager throughout the South Carolina region.  Mahon has consistently proven her dedication to education, by participating in elementary and middle school level outreach programs and teaching undergraduate courses in similar concepts.

Kara Mahon deems that the actual reason an accounting degree is fundamental in the business world is that accounting was always known as the language and primary instrument of business.  Within the last twenty years, the accounting field has undergone a striking evolution, as globalization and the computer revolution changed the way business is conducted, forever. The need for accountants is ever-increasing, and job opportunities for accountants are better than they have ever been before.

Equipped with an accounting degree, students will be well prepared to attain a job in the many thousands of business-related professions currently available.

Kara Mahon prides herself on giving her students only the best real-world education, to better ready them for a world that runs on finance and business.  Her dedication to her students is evident in her regular commitment not just in her classroom, but the community at large, as well.



Kara Mahon Recommends the Course “Understanding The Economy” For Those Interested in 2013 Economic Climates

Kara Mahon recommends the course “Understanding the Economy” for those interested in 2013 economic climates.  Kara Mahon advises those interested in attaining a firm grasp on modern economic conditions, to take “Understanding the Economy” which prepares students for a realistic economic climate, as expected in 2013.

As the world suffers through a global depression, it is important for, not only business owners, but individuals to be more economically-aware.  The global economy is an ever-changing, ever-evolving entity, capable of flip-flopping in a day’s time.  By being more aware of trends and signs, people can avoid potential financial disasters, and become more successful.  Kara Mahon urges individuals to seek the proper knowledge to protect them in the coming year.

Understanding the modern economy is critical for business performance in today’s climate.  The course that Kara Mahon recommends, “Understanding the Economy”, addresses macro-economic factors that might affect the performance of businesses, both in the short-term, and in the long-term.  These macro-economic factors include business cycles, interest rates, economic policy, inflation, unemployment, housing starts, money supply, foreign exchange rates, and more.  An example of course subject matter is how the Federal monetary policy affects corporate earnings.

kara harris mahon

Kara Mahon Encourages South Carolina Students to Finish School Through “Believe in the Dream” Initiative

Kara Mahon is excited about the potential impact of a new program designed to target students who might exit school early.  This initiative, called “Believing in the Dream,” looks to promote continued participation in school and progression into post-secondary education.

For additional information about this initiative being led by Kara Mahon, visit:


Kara Harris Mahon

Kara Mahon Assists the Disabled Through Charitable Donations

Kara Mahon has just finished with a round of collecting charitable contributions targeting people in need. The donations varied drastically, ranging from clothing to DVDs. Coats, pants, cartoon programs for children and many other items were collected, as well as donated by Mahon herself, to provide these families and individuals with the things they need.

The goal of the drive was give needy and disabled people access to items they might not be able to get themselves. Kara believes strongly in this cause and will be promoting it even further in the future.

To learn more about Kara Mahon‘s donations, check out this site:



Kara Harris Mahon is One of South Carolina’s Finest CPAs

Kara Harris Mahon is not an ordinary Certified Public Accountant.  Kara has, among other things, served her community as a servant for local job fairs, assisted at the Burton Center of Greenwood, SC, and helped in a program encouraging students to attend college in the future.  While Kara’s work has done well for her surrounding neighborhoods, her personal work is also impressive.  Kara Harris Mahon has been employed as a senior auditor, a vice president of finance and reimbursement, a small business adviser, and an accounting manager.

Ms. Mahon’s most recent position has been instructing students in the ways of accounting at Piedmont Technical College of Greenwood, SC.  Her teachings primarily involve accounting principles, income tax principles, and QuickBooks.  In the past, Kara Harris Mahon has also taught similar subjects at Strayer University of Greenville, SC.

Piedmont Technical College recently won the Bellwether Award, displaying excellence innovative education programs, in relation to its LEAN initiative.  Kara took part in the initial LEAN training back in April 2011 and has been using its principles to further her teaching procedures since then.